Church History

(History courtesy of Bart Myhrum, a charter member.)
    Sunday School classes were held at the home of Ben Barringer in 1952-1953. President F.L. Conrad of the North Carolina Synod met with the group to establish a congregation.  During the summer of 1952 seminary student John Yoder surveyed the area.

   Worship services were held in the Barringer basement and the American Legion Hall.  In November of 1953, Pastor T.C. Plexico was called to be the mission developer.  Land was purchased with the wood structure (VFW Hall), which served as chapel, Sunday School, and a Lutheran Servicemen's Center.

   The congregation was officially organized on Easter Sunday 1954 with 92 confirmed members and 40 children representing 42 states.  Ground was broken for the first unit construction of the new multipurpose building January 5, 1958.  The first service in the sanctuary was on August 17th and the was church dedicated on November 2, 1958.  The Servicemen's Center had been moved to Court Street during this period.  Pastor Plexico served from 1953-1963.

   In 1985 the multipurpose hall, which served as a sanctuary was renovated extensively with roof beams, insulation, carpet, pews, lighting, etc.

   In 1992 preliminary studies were made and committees set up to explore the feasibility of building a new sanctuary and converting the old sanctuary to a fellowship hall.  The congregation approved the construction and financing was arranged through a pledge drive.

   Construction was done in 1994 and dedication was held Palm Sunday 1995.  The following served as our pastors and all contributed their special talents to the fabric of the congregation: T.C. Plexico, William Hall, Floyd Texler, Fred Hintze, John Himes, Andrew Arruza, Richard Boger, James Braswell, David Mielke.  Pastor Hugh Mozingo was installed on August 19, 2001 and we look forward, as pastor and congregation, to rejoice in the love of God. Pastor Mozingo has retired after more than 30 years in the ministery.  Pastor Ken Saurman is currently our interim pastor.


Benjamin Barringer       
Founder - 1954