Baptismal Fount
The Baptismal Fount was made by Mr. Gerber from Switzerland.  When he came to Florida, he set up a workshop in and old abandon school.  Mrs. Esther Stach approached Mr. Gerber about making a Baptism Fount in memeory of her husband.  They were never able to have children of their own, so enjoyed the children of others in the church.

She commissioned Mr. Gerber to make the Baptismal fount for her.  The fount is made out of oak. There are no nails holding it together.  Instead, Mr. Gerber used wooden pegs.  

The fount was donated to the church in Florida in memeory of Mrs. Stach's husband and for all the children they watched being brought into God's Kingdom through Baptism.

When Pastor Hugh left Florida a new pastor came to the church.  The new pastor decided that he wanted to have a shell for baptisms so the wooden baptismal fount was put away in storage. Pastor Hugh found out that they were no longer using the fount so he had the baptismal fount shipped to LCOS.  

We now have the pleasure of watching many children brought into God's Kingdom using the Baptismal Fount that was made by Mr. Gerber.